Private, on-prem AI

I'm current experimenting with private LLM using GPT4All. More details to come.

Node.js and CI/CD automation

I'm expeimenting with the ability to build integrated front-end and back-end node apps and having dynamic pipeline for deployment unit tests and github pages hosting. Through npm, gh-pages, express and node.js.

IT Project Management

Leading IT innovation at the enterprise level. Transitioning from a successful career as a developer to be ringmaster of resisted change.

Have an idea you'd like to build?

For the right project idea and partner, I'll build and deploy a proof-of-concept. Let's hear your next great idea.

Who We Are

A subheading about who we are

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What We Do

A subheading about what we do

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What People Are Saying

And a final subheading about our clients

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    Jane Doe, CEO of UntitledCorp
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    John Doe, President of FakeBiz
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    Mary Smith, CFO of UntitledBiz